Vintage Real Estate Services has created this package to help residents protect themselves and offer convenience for all aspects of the rental process and experience. This program is designed with the resident’s best interests and needs in mind. This package is required for all tenants and is $49.95 per month (a potential value of $225.00 per month).

Home Buying Assistance. When you are ready to buy a house, we can provide you with advice and support. We can assist you in your search and negotiation of terms for your new home. By choosing us, you will have access to our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced agents to assist you in this journey. To make it even better we will also give you a $1000 credit toward closing costs.

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24/7 Live Answering. 24-hour call assistance with access to a full-service maintenance team. Assess maintenance issues via text or phone. Emergency troubleshooting assistance available 24/7.

Utility Concierge Program. Vintage Real Estate Services has partnered with Citizen Home Solutions to assist new and current tenants in set up of required utilities and amenities including water, power, trash, internet, cable, security and more.

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AC/HVAC Prevention Maintenance Program. Routinely changing filters keeps the air cleaner and energy bills lower – as much as 15% in some cases. High-quality filters will be directly mailed to the residence every 90 days. Each filter is date stamped and has simple instructions showing how to change them.

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Dedicated Property Manager. Residents are assigned to a property manager giving them a single point of contact for any questions, issues or requests. Feel free to call, email or text your manager. Your account also includes a monthly statement sent electronically detailing your account.

Resident Online Portal. 24/7 access to our online Resident Portal. Submit and track maintenance requests, pay rent online, view and sign leasing documents, retrieve payment history records and access electronic statements. Never a charge to pay online! (No fee applicable to ACH payments only)

Split your rent payments. We’re proud to be a Flex partner that allows you to pay rent on your schedule. Flex can help you stretch your cash, get on track with your finances and keep money in your pocket by splitting your rent payment in two.

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Fee Forgiveness. One time Returned Payment Fee OR Late Fee Forgiveness. Vintage will grant a one-time waiver for a return payment fee or a late payment fee up to $350.00 in any twelve-month period, upon request

Touchless Self-Guided Property Inspections. CComprehensive property condition review, performed on any smart phone. Residents are given five days to complete inspections at their leisure. Self-guided move-in inspections are completed following occupancy allowing residents to create a “snapshot” of your home’s condition. When it is time to renew, a renewal inspection can be done at your convenience. Upon completion of any inspection a copy of the report will be sent via email. View a quick tutorial here.

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Ease of Move Out. Use our preferred vendors to make moving out easier. Schedule move out services (home cleaning, carpet cleaning, movers, etc.) with confidence. By using Vintage vendors your security deposit is protected from these standard claims.

Property Re-Keyed. Your residence is re-keyed before your move-in so that the prior occupants (or their maid, babysitter, handyman, etc.) do not have access to your home.

Lock out. Forget your key and get locked out of the home? We will provide a onetime lock out remedy free of charge.

Credit Reporting. All rent payments will be automatically reported to the credit bureau. This is a great way to increase your credit scores, just by paying rent on time.

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Multiple Payment Options. Payments accepted via personal check (after first month in residence), certified funds, online through the Resident Portal via ACH, Debit and credit card or nationwide utilizing Zego CashPay (convenience fees may apply to debit/credit card and CashPay options).

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Smart Home Features. Through the PointCentral app and partnership. You will have access to the following smart home features available. (Some or all features may not be available depending on the rental)

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Home Buying Assistance. . Ease, convenience and automatically approved. Through our partner EPremium Insurance all renters are approved for insurance that meets our minimum requirements. You also have options to increase your content coverage to make sure all your stuff is covered properly. The best part is all this can be done online through our partner portal

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