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The Appeal of Wesley Chapel

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Those who live in the Wesley Chapel neighborhood in the Tampa Bay area describe it as diverse, fun, rapidly-growing, and absolutely breathtaking. The tens of thousands of people who call Wesley Chapel home absolutely love where th... read more >>

Should I Hire a Property Manager?

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The Tampa housing market is booming, investors are flocking in, and many of those who can afford it are considering becoming landlords as an additional income source. According to RedFin, in March 2021 Tampa home prices were up al... read more >>

Hillsborough County Passes Tenant Bill of Rights

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A hot topic in the Tampa Bay area property management world right now is Hillsborough Counties’ newly passed Tenant Bill of Rights. This bill was drafted and ultimately passed to address what many believe is a growing proble... read more >>

Pros & Cons of Investing in a Property with an HOA

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Pros:The fees paid to a Homeowners Association generally go towards services like security, landscaping, and grounds maintenance.  HOAs have rules to prevent property neglect which would lead to neighborhood decline.  Th... read more >>

Buying Your First Rental Property

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Identify Your Areas of InterestThere are an abundance of areas in Tampa Bay and surrounding areas that would make for great locations to own real estate, but you need to find out what works for you.  Get familiar with differe... read more >>

Renovations that Add Value to your Rental Property

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Flooring -Hardwood is a popular material because it's modern and easy to clean. Carpet, on the other hand, can trap smells and generally requires more maintenance.Curb Appeal -The property’s exterior is the first thing p... read more >>

Do you know who your Tenants are?

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If you screen any potential tenants properly, you DRASTICALLY reduce the risk of owning a rental property.At Vintage Real Estate Services, we follow these steps, every time, to ensure we are placing the best tenants! In fact, we a... read more >>


How to get your Tampa Bay Investment Property Rent Ready Rent ready at a minimum, should mean that a home is in compliance with local government requirements and codes so as to be rent ready. However at Vintage, that's not eno... read more >>
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