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Tampa Bay Property Management Fees and Costs

We offer our property management services at several different pricing levels. We’re happy to talk to you about the value you’ll receive in exchange for those management fees. Your monthly management fee is likely tax-deductible. And by using a professional property management service, you’re earning more on your property and spending less over time. Our fees are competitive, and we believe you’re receiving premium knowledge and experience relative to what you pay.

Service Leasing Only Full Service
Full Service
Tenant Placement Fee 100% of 1 Month’s Rent 75% of 1 Month's Rent 100% of 1 Month's Rent
Monthly Management Fee No Monthly Fees 8-9% Monthly Management Fee $200 Monthly Management Fee
Multi-Property Discounts Multi-Property Discounts Available Multi-Property Discounts Available
Rent Assessment i
Marketing the Property i
Finding Tenants i
Tenant Screening i
Pet Screening i
Rent Collection i x
Convenient Rent Payments i x
Maintenance Coordination i x
Owner Distributions i x
Dedicated Property Manager i x
Eviction Process Handling i x
Accounting and Reporting i x
Monthly Owner Statements i x
Security Deposit Management/Processing i x
Property Evalutions** i x
Move in/Out Inspection i x
Professional Photos i x $200 flat fee
Video Walk Through Tours i x $200 flat fee
Owner and Tenant Portals i x
Tenant Maintenance System i x
Filter Replacement Program i x
Lease Renewal Fee i x 25% of one month rent
Owner/Property Account Set Up i $100 Flat Fee
Leasing Guarantee* i x
Results Guarantee i
21 Day Guarantee**** i x
Eviction Guarantee*** i x $9.95 monthly fee
Animal Protection Guarantee ***** i x
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  • Conditions and exlusions

    • * This excludes relocation for military orders, tenant death and legal lease terminations. If we are able to recover monies from the tenant to compensate for their lease break, the funds will be applied as follows: First to pay any unpaid rents due to landlord caused by the lease break: Second to compensate Vintage Real Estate Services for costs incurred resulting from the lease break.
    • ** Once per year, $99 for each additional evaluation requested
    • *** This coverage may be added for $9.95 per month
    • **** The home must be vacant, move in ready, allow pets and the rent is dictated by Vintage Real Estate Services. Free months only apply to management fees, not additional services.