Accidental Landlord? We Can Help!

Accidental Landlord? We Can Help!

If you have recently inherited property in or near Tampa, Florida, you may feel overwhelmed or unsure of how to manage it. Becoming an “accidental landlord” can be a complex and time-consuming process, especially if you don't have experience in property management. Fortunately, working with an expert Tampa Bay property management company like ours can help make the process very smooth and profitable.

Common questions accidental landlords face

When a person inherits property, many questions may come to mind. Here are ten common questions that an individual may have when inheriting property:

  1. Should I sell the property I inherited? If so, is now the best time to sell, or are we in a down market?
  2. Should I move into the home I inherited?
  3. Should I rent out the property I inherited?
  4. Does a tenant currently occupy the property, or is it vacant?
  5. Is there a mortgage or any outstanding debts associated with the property?
  6. What is the value of the property, and how is it determined?
  7. Do I need to pay any taxes on the property, and if so, how much?
  8. What are my options for managing or selling the property?
  9. Are there any legal or regulatory requirements I need to know?
  10. How do I transfer ownership of the property into my name?
  11. Who can I turn to for advice on managing or selling the property?

These questions can be complex and challenging to answer, especially for those unfamiliar with the legal and financial implications of inheriting property. Seeking the advice of a local and experienced property management company to help navigate these issues can ensure that your inheritance is managed effectively.

Benefits of working with a property management company

At Vintage Real Estate Services, we specialize in helping landlords manage their rental properties. Whether the property you've inherited has been actively rented or has never been rented out, our team has the expertise and resources to help you get your arms around the situation quickly and profitably. Here are some of the key benefits of working with our property management company in Tampa:

Experience and Expertise

Managing rental properties requires a broad range of skills and knowledge, from marketing and leasing to maintenance and repairs. Our team has years of experience managing properties in the Tampa Bay area and can offer valuable guidance and support as you navigate the challenges of being a landlord.

We can help you set rental rates, screen tenants, and handle maintenance and repairs. With our expertise and support, you can rest assured that your rental property is in good hands.

Time and Cost Savings

Managing a rental property can be a full-time job, especially if you have other obligations such as a career or family. By allowing us to manage your property, you can save yourself time and energy by delegating the day-to-day tasks of property management to our team.

We can handle everything from collecting rent, responding to maintenance requests, and dealing with legal and financial issues. Outsourcing these tasks to us allows you to free up your time and focus on other priorities.

In addition, working with a property management company can help you save money in the long run. We have the knowledge and experience to help you minimize your expenses and maximize your profits, whether that means negotiating better rates with contractors or finding cost-effective ways to market your rental property.

Legal and Financial Expertise

Being a landlord involves a variety of legal and financial responsibilities, from drafting leases and handling security deposits to complying with Florida state and federal laws. If you're an unintentional investor, you may not be familiar with these requirements and may be at risk of making costly mistakes.

At Vintage Real Estate, we have the legal and financial expertise to help you comply with all relevant laws and regulations. We can help you draft lease agreements, collect rent, prevent evictions, and ensure that your property meets all necessary safety and health standards, such as those recently mandated by Hillsborough County’s newly passed Tenant Bill of Rights. 

In addition, we can help you optimize your financial performance by providing you with the information you need with the click of a button via our owner portal.

Tenant Satisfaction

Keeping your tenants happy is a key factor in the success of your rental property. Happy tenants are more likely to renew their leases, refer their friends and family, and take good care of your property.

At Vintage Real Estate, we prioritize tenant satisfaction by providing prompt and responsive service, handling maintenance and repairs quickly and efficiently, and responding to tenant concerns promptly and respectfully. By providing high-quality service to your tenants, we can help you build a positive reputation and attract new renters in the future.

Peace of Mind

The most important benefit of working with a property management company in Tampa is the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is in good hands. Our team has the knowledge, experience, and resources to help you manage your rental property effectively and efficiently.

Manage inherited rental property in Tampa

We can handle everything from marketing and leasing to maintenance and repairs, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your investment without the stress and hassle of being a full-time landlord. With our support, you can rest assured that your rental property is well-managed and profitable. Click here to contact us today for your free rental analysis!


Dave Sigler, MPM RMPC

Owner/Broker Vintage Real Estate Services

David Sigler is a Florida native who grew up in Fort Lauderdale Florida. He attended the University of Central Florida where he received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. David has since become a licensed General Contractor & Real Estate Broker. He has been active in Florida real estate and construction for over 15 years. During the Great Recession he was forced to refocus his ambitions and landed on property management. Starting with a handful of homes that could not be sold, he grew his portfolio and eventually bought the brokerage. With his experience, knowledge, and resources, his company prides themselves on successful turn-key residential investment solutions. He now manages hundreds of homes covering 5 counties and his construction company provides maintenance services to his management company as well as other local managers. David is an active member of the National Association Residential Property Managers and has served on the Florida State Board for over 6 years in many different roles; most recently as the NARPM Florida Chapter President (2019). Active in the GTR community, he has served on the property management subcommittee for over 4 years and recently as chair of the group. He is also active in local and state legislation that affects the property management industry. His unique understanding and perspective of property management and its associated maintenance has provided him with numerous public speaking opportunities. Outside of work, not only is he an avid outdoors man and a board member for several local Non-Profit organizations, but first and foremost a Father and Husband.

Director of Property Management Committee for Greater Tampa Realtors Association
2019 NARPM State President