The Appeal of Wesley Chapel

The Appeal of Wesley Chapel

Those who live in the Wesley Chapel neighborhood in the Tampa Bay area describe it as diverse, fun, rapidly-growing, and absolutely breathtaking. The tens of thousands of people who call Wesley Chapel home absolutely love where they live and the appeal of Wesley Chapel has caused a real estate boom in recent years, making Wesley Chapel a fantastic market to break into for your primary home or investment property.

This blog features a Wesley Chapel neighborhood spotlight that will help make your move into your future neighborhood more enjoyable and informative. Read this blog to learn why investors, renters, and buyers are flocking to this fast-growing enclave north of Tampa Bay.

The Town of Wesley Chapel

Affectionately and widely known as the “hub of Pasco County”, Wesley Chapel is a beautiful town nestled in the heart of Pasco County, Florida. Wesley Chapel was initially known as “Double Branch” after the twin creeks that run through the area and from time-to-time is playfully referred to as  “Gatorville” by the residents. The name “Wesley Chapel” eventually came from a local church in the area and ended up being the name that stuck.

Though not technically in Tampa proper, Wesley Chapel is considered to be a part of the greater Tampa Metropolitan Area. Boasting a wide array of amenities and attractions for residents and visitors, it has been gaining popularity as one of the premier places to live and buy property in the Tampa Bay area. 

This burgeoning suburban town has contributed heavily to the growth of Pasco County since 2003 and continues to thrive as the individual communities within it expand. It began to be the economic hub of Pasco County with the opening of State Road 56 and has steadily been increasing in economic stature since. Wesley Chapel makes for an attractive and busy hotspot for out-of-state and in-state travelers and elite property management is in very high demand in this area by investors. 

Should I Buy in Wesley Chapel?

With over 60,000 people already calling Wesley Chapel home, and being merely 25 miles away from Downtown Tampa, it is quite evident why people choose to live there. Residents and visitors in this area enjoy south-central Floridian weather all year long and enjoy being in close proximity to important interstates such as I-75 and I-275. This great, booming, city offers fun activities for all different individuals and families alike. The parks are endless and the schools are highly rated. There is something for everyone in Wesley Chapel which has resulted in it being considered prime real estate in the greater Tampa Bay area.

The great appeal of the Wesley Chapel area makes it an optimal market for homeowners and investors looking to buy and settle into a second home or invest in a rental property. For those looking to invest in properties--great property management is readily available with us at Vintage Real Estate and we serve the entire Tampa Bay area.

Renters, Buyers, and Investors in Wesley Chapel

Rental and for-sale properties in Wesley Chapel are in-demand but still affordable for a variety of buyers including young professionals and families. The Wesley Chapel area boasts tons of great schools, prime shopping malls, luxurious amenities, low crime rates, tasty restaurants, and a local beach nearby. An area like this that is experiencing rapid growth and popularity is a prime location for the housing and investment market. 

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Wesley Chapel Demographics

In the Wesley Chapel area, the population is very diverse. People of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities are flocking to Wesley Chapel to invest in it and call it home. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are over 19,000 households in the Wesley Chapel area and amongst those 19,000 households, over 85% of them remained in the same home after a year. The turnover rate for those leaving their homes in the Wesley Chapel area is very low.

In addition to the diverse population, Wesley Chapel is home to many different businesses. The allure of Wesley Chapel isn’t just for homeowners and investors, businesses are invested in the area as well. With over 3,500 businesses located in Wesley Chapel alone, the job market is ripe with opportunity and has something for people of all ages and professional backgrounds. 

Property Management for Wesley Chapel in Tampa Bay

If you have a property in Wesley Chapel and are looking for a great property manager to work with, look no further than Vintage Real Estate in the Tampa Bay area. We are a team of highly trained individuals with over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, and we specialize in residential property management. Additionally, we are proud members of industry associations such as NARPM, NAR, and GTAR.

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