The Best Property Managers Under the Sun

The Best Property Managers Under the Sun

Whether you’re an individual property holder or institutional investor, the biggest sources of heat on your bottom line don’t always come from above. Issues with contractors, property maintenance, title agencies, legal disputes, rental collection, and home association violations (among dozens of other considerations) constantly pose the risk of making things go sideways practically overnight.

Sometimes, it’s just about everything you can do to keep things straight.

Unfortunately, those efforts can twist your investment up in knots—not to mention your stomach.

Vintage Real Estate Services minds over what matters, so you can mind over what matters most.

From screening tenants, rent collection, listings, and lease agreements to marketing and advertising, liability insurance, legal compliance and more, we do the heavy lifting at every point of contact. That takes the weight off your shoulders and puts more money in your pocket.

Even if your only indication of how hot the Tampa property market is right now was in the look of its downtown skyline, you’d see it. Plain as day, people are moving here in droves, renting their first Florida homes sight unseen. Naturally, that’s made us some very happy property management customers.

Florida real estate dominates the top 10 in the nation.

Half of the sites that recorded their highest year-over-year price gains for properties in midsize and small markets are located right here in Florida—The Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater region posting a nearly 30% increase alone. And that’s not an outlier. That’s the norm. For how long is anybody’s guess. But what’s really up for grabs is the chance to turn your best potential profit with an efficient and trusted property management service. 

Beyond the competitive rates we bring to the table, there’s a lot of additional value that comes with hiring Vintage Real Estate for your property management needs. The financial motive is one thing, but even more important are the basics of integrity, dependability, and being resourceful in any given circumstance. As specialists in residential property management in Tampa, we’ve been proudly working with landlords, buyers, sellers, and tenants for more than 15 years. 

Hundreds of property owners trust us to make it happen. Isn’t it time you joined them?

Our team members belong to the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), and the Greater Tampa Association of Realtors (GTAR), and have their finger on the pulse on the Tampa Bay real estate market.

So, we can confidently say that where there’s opportunity, we’re on it. 

See how much your Tampa investment property can bring in today. Contact Alex Cueto by phone at 813-750-0185 or email to schedule a free rental analysis. For more details, visit 


Dave Sigler, MPM RMPC

Owner/Broker Vintage Real Estate Services

David Sigler is a Florida native who grew up in Fort Lauderdale Florida. He attended the University of Central Florida where he received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. David has since become a licensed General Contractor & Real Estate Broker. He has been active in Florida real estate and construction for over 15 years. During the Great Recession he was forced to refocus his ambitions and landed on property management. Starting with a handful of homes that could not be sold, he grew his portfolio and eventually bought the brokerage. With his experience, knowledge, and resources, his company prides themselves on successful turn-key residential investment solutions. He now manages hundreds of homes covering 5 counties and his construction company provides maintenance services to his management company as well as other local managers. David is an active member of the National Association Residential Property Managers and has served on the Florida State Board for over 6 years in many different roles; most recently as the NARPM Florida Chapter President (2019). Active in the GTR community, he has served on the property management subcommittee for over 4 years and recently as chair of the group. He is also active in local and state legislation that affects the property management industry. His unique understanding and perspective of property management and its associated maintenance has provided him with numerous public speaking opportunities. Outside of work, not only is he an avid outdoors man and a board member for several local Non-Profit organizations, but first and foremost a Father and Husband.

Director of Property Management Committee for Greater Tampa Realtors Association
2019 NARPM State President